Cook Adult Home - Frequently Asked Questions

Is your facility licensed by anyone?

We sure are. We are licensed and regulated by the New York State Department of Health (DOH). DOH regularly comes into our facility and talks with the residents as well as examines every document and aspect of our home. We are then rated on their website. We are pleased to note in the last inspection conducted we had no violations of any of the strict regulations the DOH reviews.

Empire State Association of Assisted Living video on the importance of DOH licensing:

"We're Licensed So You're Protected!"

Where do your residents come from?

We service the Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY and the Saratoga, Malta, Clifton Park communities but in the past have had and continue to have residents from all over the country. Our senior residence, where we help the elderly live, is located in the town of Halfmoon and is equal distance from Saratoga Springs, and Albany, NY and just 6 miles off the Northway I 89 Clifton Park exit.

How will I know if this adult home is a good place for my relative?

We try very hard to find the right resident to fit into our little family. Our typical resident is a male or female with some mild memory issues. Perhaps they may not be able to take their own medications, forget to eat, or just not able or desiring of making their own meals anymore. Since we provide assistance with the daily activities of life: dressing, showering, cleaning, making meals, taking medications etc., What we do is make sure your relative is in a comfortable homelike loving place where all their needs are being met so you can do the things you want knowing your loved one is well cared for.

Does your home qualify for and accept VA aid and attendance benefits?

Yes, the Cook Adult Home does qualify for the aid and we do accept it. In addition, since the aid may take up to a year to kick in we will accept partial payments while we wait for the VA monies to catch up.

Do you have nurses?

We have access to both Doctors and nurses. All of our residents are medically stable, but need assistance with meals, cleaning, medications, showers, or maybe reminders it’s time to go to the bathroom.

Does the Cook Adult Home accept medicaid?

I’m sorry we do not. We are a private pay facility but we are able to accept VA benefits and in many cases insurance payments for the services we provide.

What is the cost of staying at the Cook Adult Home?

Our price is based on what level of service we will be providing to your loved one. All services are provided for in the pricing with the exception of the actual cost of medicines, clothing, personal dry cleaning and hair cuts. (We provide medication management and will arrange for the delivery of all the medications required.) The item that will determine the price is how much personal service each individual requires. If your relative fits into our small home like setting and we both, the  home and yourself,  feel it is a good fit we will try to make it work. 

When you say everything except the actual medications and clothing are included does that include telephone and tv?

It certainly does. We have cable in every room and in the 2 sitting rooms. We have portable telephones around the house. In fact, all residents may use our phones to call anyone in the country at no charge since we have an all inclusive phone plan.  If a resident wants to have their own dedicated phone line then that would be arranged directly with the phone company.

Is it ok for my loved one to bring their own furniture?

We do recommend, although not needed, if one has a favorite chair it be brought into the home. We also recommend pictures of family and friends be brought. A small end table, if desired, one’s own bed sheets, towels etc. We do not recommend these items as we have our own but if one really is attached to them it would be ok. We do have some storage space for both clothes and favorite items a resident does not want to part with.

When can I visit my family member?

This will be your family member’s home. You may visit at any reasonable time. Your relative is free to go visit or to go to lunch or anywhere else with you or others by just letting us know when. If you give us advance notice we can also make sure your family member is ready to go where ever it is he or she may be going.

Do you transport residents to doctors appointments?

Although we believe it is generally better for the family to take  residents to their doctors, we will do so in many cases. There are three very good geriatric doctors in and around Mechanicville and we are more then willing to transport all residents to appointments with any of these doctors.

What happens when a person can no longer stay at the Cook Adult Home because they need ongoing medical services or nursing care?

We try real hard to make this the last home our residents, our family, ever have. We allow and actually encourage hospice when the need arises. If for some reason, a resident reaches a level of care we can not provide we will actively search for an appropriate placement doing all the leg work for the family. 

What happens if the resident runs out of money?

We are home for our residents and they are part of our family. While we no longer guarantee we will keep residents when they have exhausted their funds, we have to date, 20 years under current management, never asked a person to leave because they could no longer pay the full rate.

What kind of activities do you offer?

Our home is not for the person who wants to be constantly on the go but those who prefer to be in a more home like setting. For our more active residents there is a bus that will transport residents to and from the local community center where residents can avail themselves of some activity every day.

In addition to those activities the home has an exercise person come in two times per week, weekly movies, and a variety of musical people on a regular schedule. We have entertainment geared toward our older population.  One of the true joys of our residents is to sit on our front porch and enjoy the beauty of the seasons. 

The most heavily attended activity is our weekly outing. When out,  on our outing, we always will have a meal at one of the area’s many fine restaurants. Depending on the season we may dine in Vermont and do a little leaf peeking in the fall, enjoy the Christmas lights in the park during the winter, or the beautiful tulips in Washington Park in the Spring. By far, the favorite activity is the Lake George outings during the summer season.

Do I have to make an appointment to arrange a tour?

We think this is a good idea, since we would want one the administrator or the owner to be there to answer any questions you might have. While our staff is well trained to take care of the individuals who reside in our home, they are not trained to help with deciding admission criteria. Contact us to make an appointment.

If I decide this is a good fit for my loving Mom, Dad, Aunt or Uncle, what is the next step?

We do not admit anyone without a face to face meeting. Once an evaluation is made that your loved one is a good fit for what we offer, the procedure is actually rather simple. We have an admission document to be filled out by a doctor, and a contract (a model contract provided by the state of NY) to be completed upon entry. Contact us here to arrange a meeting.

How long does this process take?

It depends on how quickly the doctor can meet with our prospective resident. The regulations require the doctor needs to  have seen the resident within 30 days before an admission can take place. When the form is in hand and a tuberculous test has been conducted an admission can occur. The contract is usually signed at the time of admission. So generally speaking, 2 days after a doctors visit if a visit has not occurred within the previous 30 days.

Please contact us with questions